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>> ♪ oohhoo ah ha na na-na-na-na
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craig: good night. [applause] [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] from the laughing cow. it's rich, indulgent and 45 calories. mmm it's so good -- it practically sells itself. cut, cut. sells itself? i've poured myself into this commercial. ♪ don't be boring ♪ indulge in the morning ya! [ squeaking ] yay! [ female announcer ] introducing smooth sensations cream cheese spread from the laughing cow. have you laughed today? try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation,
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it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. and he has been for about 3 hours now. a rescue effort is underway >> we begin with breaking news in pinol. a man is stuck in a
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storm drain for about three hours now. a rescue effort is underway at the best buy on fitzgerald drive. >> a frightening and bizarre situation here. a man, authorities don't know why, lowered himself in to a storm drain and directly down in to a 14-inch drainage pipe. right now a rescue effort is going on and firefighters try to find a way to get the man out the moment. the rescue team has already tried to lasso his hands and pull the man out but they did that unsuccessfully. they say he's in there far too tightly at the moment. they've resorted to excavating the pipes. you can see firefighters digging around the pipe. they say at this time they may need to actually break through the pipe to get the man out. authorities have no idea how this man wound up in here, why he climbed in to the pipe in the first place. so far they have made contact with him. they've talked to him and they say he's
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pretty anxious at this moment. he's been in there for about three hours at this point. they're talking to him but they don't really know what his injuries are or why he was down there in the first place. they got this call around 8:00 because employees at a nearby best buy heard the man screaming for help over and over again in the area. a remote area, a man in a 14-inch storm drainage pipe and just sort of stuck there at the moment. authorities trying to figure out what to do next to get him out. >> thank you. the theme song, unmistakeable. and the conniving and mysterious j.r. ewing, unforgetable. he was one of the most famous stars of the era seen here. larry hagman has
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died at 81 years old. >> stay out of my affairs. >> you slime. you make me sick. >> oddly enough, nobody hates me. they love this character. >> justin: love him or hate him -- reporter: love him or hate him, 14 seasons of playing jr ewing, the oil baron with the reptilian smile. he cheated his family, friends, and wife while taking plenty of knocks on his own. when the "who shot jr "episode aired, millions tuned in to watch. like jr, hagman was born in texas, the son of actress mary martin. >> the meaner he gets on television, the nicer he is at
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home. >> reporter: indeed, he didn't always play a bad guy. we first knew him as harry, in i dream of genie. hagman received no residuals for i dream of genie which is still in syndication. he was determined not to make the same mistake with dallas and negotiated rerun compensation packages. like j.r. a real business man. >> the actress who played his wife sue ellen in the series released a statement. she says larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years. he was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. he was an original and lived life to the fullest. an early morning family shopping trip to buy gifts for
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an upcoming wedding ended with an suv crashing, killing the bride to be. >> we just got a text from one of the folks inside the hospital who said it seems like everyone is doing okay for now. they're hoping and praying at this point. reporter: her name was necha tandell and in an instant her family went from planning her wedding to planning her funeral. >> it's a tragedy that this morning i had to hear about this news. it was so unexpected. >> reporter: just before 7:00 this morning, the family's suv veered off the road and slammed in to a chp patrol car. the force of the impact ejected nesha who was killed instantly. she was 24. her sister was also ejected and is in critical condition. it's not clear if either were wearing seatbelts. their mother, father, two other
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sisters and chp officer suffered minor injuries. >> fortunately the officer had his seatbelt on which could have contributed to lesser injuries from the officer. >> reporter: the family had come from an overnight black friday shopping marathon. the items now strewn about the scene were supposed to be gifts for the wedding in january. it's not clear if the dad, who was driving, fell asleep. but investigators are not ruling it out. >> we have no idea as to why the vehicle swerved to the shoulder. >> reporter: at least two dozen family members and friends are gathered at the icu waiting room and have been coming and going all day. many are still in shock. >> what do you think of all this? >> just very sorry. >> i was just saddened. to me it was just unexpected. >> and that chp officer was actually out there helping another driver change a flat tire, and yes, all of his
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warning lights were on. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. reminiscent of what we saw last year, egyptians riding in the streets. it was about former ruler. this time it's about muhammad morsi. critics call morsi egypt's new dictator. this is something the white house is watching closely. >> the obama administration finds itself in an uncomfortable position. it's praised as a peace keeper, a man who's drawn violent protests at home. reporter: the crowd accuses muhammad morsi, the first freely elected president, of making
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himself a pharoah. tens of thousands of activists poured in to the square, the same place where it toppled his predecessor. this time they want morsi to go. more than half the voters elected him president five months ago. he says the president is setting himself up as a god. morsi decreed that any decisions or laws he makes cannot be appealed, stopped, or overturned until a new constitution is approved next spring. he said his ruling will route out evils who are blocking democratic reform. morsi said it doesn't worry me that i have opponents. i have reserved all rights for my brothers in the opposition so they can even hold a revolution if they must.
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protesters did ransack and torch the muslim brotherhood officer that supports it. a far cry from a few days ago when the obama administration praised the egyptian president for help brokering a cease fire between israel and hamas. >> what happens in egypt will have consequences beyond its borders. it continues to monitor the cease fire but is battling its own battle at home. we do live in a 24/7 world, but people in one bay area town says the world doesn't need slurpies, nachos, and beef jerky at all hours of night. the fight one neighborhood took against 7-eleven and won. >> reporter: it started two and a half years ago, this fairfax convenience store that was supposed to be open 7:00 to 11:00, open 24/7. >> you see men urinating on your fence. >> reporter: you might have guessed the couple living next
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door wasn't exactly saying oh, thank heaven. >> there was noise a lot of hanging out. we could be in our house with the doors closed and television on and hear a slew of four-letter words in our home. >> reporter: on one end, the store owner, who couldn't be reached for the story. on the other, the morenos who have lived here in relative peace for 22 years. >> this is my home. >> reporter: two years, an appeal, and slew of legal fees later, the morenos won. they'll be forced to start closing at midnight come december 1st. that should have been the end, but the store owner told a marin newspaper that the morenos have since threatened him and are no longer welcome on the property. she says she's not the only one but other families who complained have no longer been able to visit the store. >> i don't think it really
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matters. i don't think it's that much of a burden of anybody. >> reporter: the morenos are counting down the days until their convenience store nightmare is over and waiting to see if 7-eleven will mount another legal challenge. >> they could face legal action and we'll be right there. giants fans spent this friday lined up at at&t park. the world series champions put single game tickets on sale for what they call orange and black friday. fans waited in line and online to get seats for the first three months of the 2013 season. >> i'm buying about 50 tickets a day. yeah, we can't wait. get the season started. it's lt was yesterday. >> superfan right there. if we didn't get a chance to get your tickets today, don't worry. the giants will sell tickets for games in april, may, and june, until december 24th. shopping at a frenzy, almost dangerous pace.
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assessing the deals and the damage done. >> unfortunately for my wife and two children, we have no benefits from the company. we simply couldn't afford them. >> walmart employees took the frustrations outside today. what it meant for the world's largest retailer. >> just very good for the soul. >> and yes, there is more to the season than shopping. the women who will spend every friday knitting special gifts. >> more live pictures from pinole where we continue to follow efforts to rescue a man behind stuck in a storm drain. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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custom reveals our charactes a nation so clearly as our celebration of thanksgiving day." unquote. >> to quote president ronald reagan, perhaps no custom reveals our character as a nation so clearly as our celebration of thanksgiving day. unquote. thanksgiving, that was yesterday. >> today is the day americans shift gears and priorities. can you believe that? this is what it looked like when thrones of shoppers rushed for bras and panties in the victoria's secret store in tulsa, oklahoma. it's a scene repeated at malls throughout the country today. fortunately, we can report no one was killed this year. but there was some serious violence. in tallahassee, florida, two people were wounded in a
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shooting outside a walmart. mese say it was a disagreement over a parking space. in the bay area, no major problems as shoppers flooded businesses such as best buy and target. with more stores opening in the pre-dawn hours the rush was largely over by lunchtime. why all the effort on a holiday morning? >> we've investigated on if we could probably get the same price all year, and usually black friday is it. >> won't be clear for a few days how many shoppers hit the growing number of stores that actually hoped on thanksgiving day itself. as for those alleged bargains out there today, i guess you don't have to worry if you slept in and missed it. the wall street journal looked at six years of retail data and found for many gift items, prices will actually drop closer to christmas. other hot products such as flat screen televisions usually hit their lowest price points before the holiday season even happens, not
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to say there weren't a few door buster deals out there, but realistically braving the crowds wouldn't save you all that much money. protesters are protesting low wages and expensive healthcare plans. despite the demonstrations, walmart says this was its best black friday ever. with the holiday shopping season underway now, one group of bay area women at nordstroms meets every friday. for them, the shopper season is the giving season. >> reporter: nestled in a corner, needles are clicking. and women are chatting. meet the nordy knitters. they meet every weekend for cake, conversation, and community service. >> it's very good for the soul. >> reporter: the two dozen wome mostly retired san
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francisco school principles and teachers. while they can certainly spin a yarn or two, their fingers do furious work faceting christmas gifts. they're donating 300 home made scarves and hats to ship to children in poverty. they put them in school boxes with school supplies and toys. the program run by billy graham's son, franklin, helps to give children gifts worldwide. >> it tells the true meaning of christmas, the gift of love that was shared with everyone. >> reporter: since they started meeting socially at this cafe 10 years ago, this close knit group has discovered a common thread. >> you want to do something produce are only so many scarves you can wear and give away. >> reporter: over the years they've touched people all over
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the world. they made hats for children in nepal and scarves for children in afghanistan. in the bay area, the women have knit hundreds of thousands of scarves for babies, senior citizens, the homeless. >> there's always another way to help, another idea. and i love it. >> reporter: but there is such a thing as having too much fun. >> i can almost bring the simplest thing to do here, because if i don't, it's like i dropped the stitch. >> reporter: in the end, they stitch with love. one knit, one pearl at a time. right back to the breaking news in pinole. an effort underway to rescue a man stuck in a storm drain behind the best buy on fitzgerald drive. any idea on how this guy ended up stuck in the drain? >> firefighters are still trying to figure that out. they've made contact with this man who is actually wedged
1:58 am
inside a drainage pipe that's just about 14 inches around. he's stuck in there. firefighters have reached down to try and pull him out unsuccessfully. i finished talking to battalion chief right now and he told me they made progress trying to excavate the pipe. they're digging around it to try to see whether they need to break through the pipe to get to the man. they've now decided to use circular saws to cut a small home in to the pipe below where the man is so they can gain access to him and figure out how he's doing, where he's located and all he has any injuries. they say there's still about an hour away from actually cutting that whole in there and reaching them in. so quite some time that he's expected to be stuck in there at the moment. again, authorities don't know what his injuries are. they don't know how or why he actually got down in there but they say he's been pretty anxious. he's been in there since 8:00. they've been working on digging him out for the past two and a half hours or so. back here a man remains trapped in there. firefighters working very hard to try to pull
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him out. still unclear when they will actually get access to him and be able to pull him out of the pipe. >> any idea where this guy came from? was he shopping or did he live in the area? >> still unclear. authorities are i think focusedo get him out of there and haven't explored that stuff with him at the time. but we do know there is a best buy very close nearby to where the man is and it was actually employees and people inside who heard his cries earlier and alerted firefighters that someone was up there and needed to be rescued. >> i can imagine it's pretty cold out there but the guy is communicating with the firefighters? >> that right. he has been in contact with him. they've had verbal communication and they actually reach him, his hands are actually out above that drainage pipe. so they were able to try to lasso him and pull him up. they have talked to him but it's a chilly night out here. so like i said, they say he's pretty anxious being up
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there and you'd think so being cold and in a remote area as this one and having no idea when they'll actually be able to pull him out of there. you have to advantage you've got muscle cramps going on and possibly injuries from being stuck so snugly inside the pipe. still to be determined i guess we'll find out. weather time. speaking of the chilly night, ws , low 50s for overnight lows. vallejo 49. fremont 47 tomorrow morning. wu see how warm we get and also how wet we get in your forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> chances are you've been off on thursday and friday so your body is thinking the weekend is over. guess what? just getting started. it's fri. you've got two more days off. both days will be excellent to get outside. beautiful evening. lit up for the holidays. 31 shopping days until christmas in case you're counting. counting numbers here, 47 pretty popular. concord, livermore.
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oakland, 54. san jose, 52. san francisco, 56. we could cot all the specks of rain on high definitely doppler right now quickly because there are zero. there will be zero for a while. when we change back to a wet pattern it's going to be an abrupt one and we'll see a lot of rain toward the middle of the next week. 13% above normal for oakland. below normal for livermore and san jose. everybody getting a lot of rainfall toward the middle of next week. we're seeing a lot of rainfall in the pacific northwest. november, raining up there. but high pressure is taking that thin band of rainfall and keeping it well to the north. we can say thank you to the high pressure because it's giving us the temperatures in the low 70s over the weekend with mainly sunny skies. as soon as the high moves out, the storm track will sag down in to northern california and really change our weather from very sunny to very wet or very stormy. that pattern change will happen next week specifically next wednesday and for about five straight days we're going to see a chance of rain.
2:04 am
enjoy the sun while we have it, which we do right now. mainly sunny all the way through monday. nights will be chilly. afternoons will be mild in to ts . wet pattern starting on wednesday. how about tomorrow? 70 in oakland. nearly 70 in concord. 71 in san jose. campbell, 72. san mateo, 68. around the 70-dk south to walnut creek, pleasanton, tri-valley. in marin, 68. petaluma 68. if you're shopping in downtown 8 degrees tomorrow. gorgeous as we head back to schr work on monday. tuesday we get cloudier. rain h friday. friday. ,,,,
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dante whitner said kaepernick would start against new orleans. does jim harbaugh echo his sentiments? >> no, we feel like there's no competitive advantage for us to release that information. you have your opinions on it. it's unorthodox. so be it. you can call me names if you wat or make sport of me. >> all right. warriors and denver looking forh win of the last six games. late 1st half, thompson got poked in eye but his eyesight looked pretty good here. he had 16. warriors led by 6 at the break. andre iguodala did whatever he wanted. nuggets started the 2nd half on a 15-0 run. the warriors turned it over. here's the kill shot.
2:07 am
oh, javale mcgee, makes your knees buckle. nuggets win. college-wise, cal taking on georgia tech. game tied at 48. allen in the lane. you make a mistake, cal is going to make you pay. bears win 68-57 to advance to that tournament final. as we pause for breaking ne,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> as we leave you, we want to give you a quick update here. this man has been stuck in the storm drain in pinole since 8:00 tonight. it's behind the best buy. rescue crews trying to get him out. we'll have an update tomorrow at our morning news and at 5:30 and 6:30 in the evening. have a good weekend.,,
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